NHS Scotland Still Leads in ED as SNP announced massive boost for elective services.

nhs scotland

Emergency Department 4-hour targets remain steadily ahead of the UK average as NHS Scotland ISD figures published today show. Of the 26,477 attendances in A+E nationwide this week 91.3% were seen and transferred onward from the department within the targeted 4 hour window for the week ending 6th of March.

Scotland has maintained a steadily lead on NHS England, where the figure was 88.7% – the lowest recorded figure since results began being collated and published in August 2010.

Both NHS services face challenging times as figures show a steady quarter-on-quarter increase in comparable numbers of ED attendances from previous data-sets.

At the weekend, the SNP announced an additional funding pool of £200 million for the development of 5 elective treatment centres, in addition to the planned extension of the Golden Jubilee Hospital national waiting time services. They hope to emulate the success of the National Waiting Times service at the Golden Jubilee, with new centres planned for Livingston, Edinburgh, Dundee, Inverness and Aberdeen.


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